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At iCalculator™ Tax, we believe that understanding your taxes should be easy, accessible, and free. That's why we've created a comprehensive resource for tax calculators, guides, videos, and up-to-date tax tables for every country in the world. Whether you're an individual looking to calculate your personal income tax or a business owner in need of corporation tax calculations, we've got you covered. Our tax calculators are tailored to each countries taxation system, below you will find a geographical list which allows you to navigate to the required country to access the tax tools and resources.

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Why Choose iCalculator™ Tax?

When it comes to managing your finances and complying with tax regulations, knowledge is power. Here's why you should choose iCalculator™ Tax:

  • Free Tax Calculators: Our tax calculators are completely free to use, with no hidden fees or subscriptions. We believe in providing accessible financial tools for everyone.
  • Global Coverage: We offer tax calculators for every country, ensuring that you can accurately estimate your tax liability regardless of where you live or do business.
  • Comprehensive Guides: In addition to calculators, we provide in-depth tax guides that explain tax concepts and regulations in plain language. Whether you're a tax novice or expert, our guides can help you navigate complex tax systems.
  • Informative Videos: Visual learners will appreciate our tax videos, which break down tax topics into easy-to-understand animations and explanations.
  • Updated Tax Tables: Our tax tables are always up-to-date, reflecting the latest tax rates and thresholds to ensure accurate calculations.

Your Personal Income Tax Partner

Calculating your personal income tax can be a daunting task, especially when tax laws and rates change frequently. With iCalculator™ Tax, you can effortlessly determine your tax liability based on your income, deductions, and filing status. Here's how our personal income tax calculators work:

Personal Income Tax Calculation Formula:

Tax = (Income × Tax Rate) - Deductions


  1. Income: Your total annual income, including salary, investments, and other sources.
  2. Tax Rate: The applicable tax rate based on your income bracket and local tax laws.
  3. Deductions: Any eligible deductions or credits that reduce your taxable income.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to input your financial details, and we'll instantly calculate your estimated tax liability. We'll also provide a breakdown of your tax payments and any potential refunds. It's that simple!

Your Business Tax Solution

Running a business involves complex financial responsibilities, including corporation tax calculations. iCalculator™ Tax offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources for businesses of all sizes. Whether you operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, we have the right tax calculators for you.

Our corporation tax calculators take into account factors such as business income, expenses, and tax credits. With our help, you can accurately determine your corporation tax liability and plan your finances accordingly.

Explore Our Tax Resources

At iCalculator™ Tax, we go beyond simple calculators. We provide a wealth of resources to help you become more tax-savvy:

  • Tax Guides: Dive into our tax guides, where we break down tax concepts, deductions, and credits. We aim to demystify tax jargon and make it accessible to all.
  • Tax Videos: Watch our informative videos that visually explain tax topics, ensuring you grasp even the most complex tax principles.
  • Latest Tax Tables: Stay updated with the latest tax tables for your country, so you can make accurate calculations and plan your finances effectively.
  • Country-Specific Resources: Explore country-specific tax information, including local tax laws, forms, and deadlines. We're your go-to source for understanding your tax obligations.

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Don't let taxes overwhelm you. Take control of your financial future with iCalculator™ Tax. Whether you need to calculate your personal income tax or corporation tax, our tools and resources are here to assist you.

Explore our website, find your country, and start using our free tax calculators and educational materials. Empower yourself with financial knowledge, make informed decisions, and ensure you're in compliance with tax regulations.

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